Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Happy Holidays from Exotic Oxnard!

Day Four in Oxnard, land of the in-laws. There is no such establishment as the Fabulous Ladies Night Club here, alas. Believe me, I have looked. And looked again. For the edification of goldenusagi, who is interested in such things, Oxnard is about 45 minutes south of Santa Barbara (aka, Sunnydale, CA). So, when Xander breaks down there on his post-graduation trip across America, it means, essentially, that he made it to the next town over. According to my in-laws, every single person they've ever met elsewhere who has been to Oxnard was here because their car broke down. It's the Bermuda Triangle of Southern California.

We've had a lovely holiday season, with lots of food and family. Yesterday, we had a gorgeous drive a half-hour down the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu to see my best friend from college and her family. It was drizzling, and still managed to look like a car commercial, since the Mugu Rock formation along that stretch of road does end up in a huge number of said commercials. We also got to chow down on fantastic tamales, the traditional Christmas dish of Southern California. *pats distended belly*

I've been pretty calm, IMO, without a computer and all. I have had the iPhone to check up on things, but comments and posting are pretty much out of the question until next week. Except for this little window of opportunity, while everybody is digesting the roast beast. I had hoped to have a little re-write of A Visit From Saint Nick a la Spike, but it is not to be. I'll just sign off with the real deal:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!   *hugs f-list tight*

P.S. My story, The Scourge Does Titipu, has been nominated for a Fang Fetish Award! I cannot thank whichever of you did this enough! It is such a thrill, and has made my holiday even merrier!

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