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Farewell 2008, I Knew Thee Well...Fics of 2008

My Buffyverse Fic Round-Up for 2008

It's hard for me to believe how productive I've been in such a short time! I didn't start writing the fic until late May, but now there's a body of work! A very small body, it's true. Sort of compact, but well-muscled...

True Drabbles (100 words, exactamundo!):

Marathon (Spike/Dru - Pre-series, 1930s)

Home Sweet Home (Spike, Darla - Pre-series, 1958)

Run (Buffy - Season 2)

Spike Ficlets (under 1,000 words):

The Scourge Does Titipu (Angelus, Darla, Dru, William - Pre-series, 1885)
also posted at nekid_spike & still_grrr

Tipperary (Spike/Dru - Pre-series, 1916)
also posted at still_grrr

24-Hour Midnight (Spike/Dru - Pre-series, 1996)
also posted at nekid_spike & still_grrr

Dead Man's Hand (Spike, Clem, Dawn - Post Season 5)
also posted at still_grrr

Spuffy Fics (more than 1,000 words):

Becoming Anne (Buffy, Spike, Off-screen Dru - Post Season 2)

Do You Believe? (Ensemble - Season 4)
also posted at seasonal_spuffy & Bloodshedverse

Other Character Fic/Ficlets:

Souvenir (Joyce - Season 3)
also posted at still_grrr & good__evil

Don't Say Anything (Sheila, Anya - Season 3, R)
also posted at still_grrr

The Dark Slayer & the Vulcan (Faith - Season 7)
also posted at facets_of_faith & still_grrr

The Limericks:

Birthday Limericks for mere_ubu (Spike - various times, R)

Spankin' New Birthday Limericks for sarah_aless & hollydb (Spuffy - Season 6, Friend Locked/NC-17)
also posted at nekid_spike & darker_spike & Bloodshedverse

That's All Folks! Happy New Year!
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