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I had a plan, and it was to do more fandom things this fall. Things have not been going according to plan, as you may or may not have noticed. If you want to hear the Flying Spaghetti Monster laugh, tell it your plans*, amirite?

We've got a storm coming, which is thrilling on one level. The event is so exciting that all the schools are being closed tomorrow in anticipation. There was a crawl during AOS last night announcing it would be the "Storm of the Century". This morning, it's been downgraded to "Storm of the Decade". A neighbor reports that USAToday is now calling it "fiercest in 5 years". After three+ years of drought, "fiercest in 5 years" doesn't exactly terrify. However, there is the possibility/likelihood that we'll lose power. No TV? No interwebs? Whatever shall I — and all those hopeful schoolchildren — do? I've got a couple of ideas. Those kids are on their own.

1. Perhaps I could decorate my new pink Christmas tree? Yes, life has imitated art and I am apparently Harmony, after all. I know I should be mortified, but it's darling. Not flocked. No unicorns. Yet.

2. I could work on my noel_of_spike story, due in 10 days. With that in mind, I could use your help. What should I write about? I've got a couple of ideas, from Spike & Dru in Big Sur in the 70s, so a wispy proto-idea of Spike & Nikki Wood in 70s NYC. Hmmm. Theme? Or I could do something set in Season 4, perhaps focusing on Giles or Xander and "the season". I don't know that I have enough Brit knowledge to do justice to a Giles/Spike Christmas, though. Then again, I could do something fluffy and post-series. Probably with Buffy and/or Dawn. Or maybe an AtS S5 story with Fred! Lorne? I don't know! What would you guys like to see from me? I'm open to suggestions. Really, really open.

3. Send Christmas cards? I've been so uneven in recent years. If you'd like a card from me, PM me with your address!

Once the power comes on I'll have some 40 dozen cookies to bake and some online shopping to do. And fic. Always fic.

*To paraphrase a character on the most recent Castle.

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