Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

2014 flew by...

Present! *pant, pant, pant* I always want to keep up with you guys, but my good intentions seem to lead to the usual place. 

The fandom stuff of 2014

I wrote a few very short stories last year, most for sb_fag_ends:

Stars in Her Eyes — Spike/Buffy, S6, sort of serious
The Other Half — Spike, Buffy, Dawn, Joyce, S5 horror/comedy
Sing It Out — Spike/Buffy, Dawn, post-sesries domestic banter
Spare Me — Spike/Buffy, far future derring-do with old married couple
Conundrum — William/Dru circa 1880, drabble for open_on_sunday
Construct of Paradise — A Dollhouse story featuring Adelle deWitt musing about her misspent youth, for rarewomen

There's one slightly longer one, still a WIP:

When You Wish Upon a Bar — S6 Xmas tale, Spike/Buffy, Dawn, D'Hoffryn. I've thoroughly fluffed the deadline at noel_of_spike for the last chapter of that. I'm not sure where to post the last bit, but perhaps I'll just put it here. Tsk.

I did 8 whole days of the 30 Days of Buffy meme! I'll do more. Thinky thoughts, I has 'em.

The personal stuff of now and soonish

After all the build-up of sending McDiva off to college, she is back, apparently nevermore to roam. I am…still working out how I feel about that. It was a very rough few months, but she's working full time and contributing to the household, plus is one of my favorite people, so I'm counting my blessings. Most of her friends are thriving while off at school, but many, many other kids are flaming out in spectacular ways and my friends, the parents, were not prepared for that. But heck, nobody is dead, in jail, seriously injured, or pregnant, so hopefully all those difficulties are just bumps in the road. La la la la la.

MiAmor and I just got back from multiple celebrations of various things all across Southern California. Did I mention that we're up to 4 (step) grandchildren, ages 14 years to 6 months? I used to blame MiAmor for being so much older than I am, but at this point I'm just going with it. So, we helped our mothers with household repairs; we played with babies, toddlers, and kids; we shopped (with the 14 year old, naturally); we went to the movies; we danced; and we ate. Feasted, is the correct term. Golly. Good times.

Then the murders of Charlie Hebdo happened and all our friends and relatives are feeling it hard. You guys remember that MiAmor is a cartoonist, as are his brothers, right? We know a lot of cartoonists. This tragedy is bigger than any particular line of work, or even one particular country, but I can tell you that cartoonists are spitting ink over this. I sort of think they would be even if it had been greengrocers that were targeted, but it feels very personal. However, I am positive that none of the murdered cartoonists would find it funny if the fascist right wing gets any traction out of this horror show. /politics

After [personal profile] slaymesoftly posted about people falling off the grid, I feel obligated to tell y'all that I'm having some minor surgery the week after next. I should be back and commenting (if not posting) by the 24th. If not, send out the cavalry!

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