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I have yet another plan!

Unbeknownst to myself, I've been casting about for a new RL project. I've had vague notions of various trips I could take, and causes that I ought to throw myself into, but nothing was firming up because I had to have my gall bladder out first.

Well, that's done, and it went well, so I'm moving on. And what should come into my mailbox the other day? A save-the-date message for a friend's wedding. In October. In Rome.

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! This wedding has been in the works for a few years now, and it is going to be spectacular. The last time I was in Rome was when I was pregnant with McDiva, and MiAmor has never been. For the next 9 months, I will throw myself into research, planning, Italian refresher courses, and watching dozens of Italian-travel-themed movies. That's MiAmor's research of choice. I watched The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone and Gidget Goes to Rome a few weeks ago, for no good reason. The Gidget one was waaaaay more fun, by the way.

I'm trying to figure out how long I can be gone. There's the wedding, then the whole party is apparently moving to Venice, which I have never visited. Dear Old Dad is also planning to go, and may take a side trip to Sicily, which sounds peachy to me. I'm eager for McDiva to expand her horizons a bit, so I'm hoping she can be convinced to take a longer trip, with or without her father and I. She speaks Spanish and Spain is right next door, for instance. But there's also France (Paris) and England is just a quick Aerostar jump away. The Chunnel was not open the last time I was in Paris, you see. Decisions, decisions!

I am disappointed that the timing most likely won't coincide with writerconuk, though.

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Feb. 2nd, 2015 05:01 pm (UTC)
I hope so too!



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