Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Things I Am Enjoying

So many good things!

1.herself_nyc is writing Buffy fic again! She is continuing her Bittersweets opus in the scary story Mr. Grieves and the Vengeance Girl. Give it a look and let her know what you think! (Hint to reader: catch up with previously posted parts of this story here (LJ) or here (AO3), and when Spike reveals his identity to servant girl Kate switch to the new post here.

2. The Headline Awards have been announced! There are several old favorites among the winners in the Giles categories, but also, even better, some I haven't read before! I know what I'll be doing this weekend!

3. The Buffy Rewatch atfantas_magoria is loads of fun! Check it out!

Shows I'm watching, besides the rewatch: Agent Carter, The Americans, How To Get Away With Murder, Elementary, Mozart in the Jungle (on Amazon Prime), and Castle. All are set in the East Coast of the USA, and all are full of murder — except for MITJ. It's a marvelous, beautiful comedy centered around an NYC Symphony that is undergoing huge changes with the introduction of a charismatic young conductor from Mexico. It's about art, sex, and drugs, and it's great.

I haven't been keeping up with several other TV things, including Supernatural, but OMG, you guys! The 200th episode "Fan Fiction" is THE BEST THING EVER! It's a total love letter to fans of all stripes, but especially the teen girl/Tumblr ones. Funny and respectful, at least from where I'm standing. Even if you don't watch the show, you should check it out, for meta reasons. So, so fun. I may be biased because I am entertained by the fandom callouts AND the musical callouts AND the theater tech call outs. But seriously, how can you not be charmed by a work that has a musical number called "A Single Man Tear"? How?

The Oscars are coming up and I've seen more of the nominated films than usual, thanks to a friend in the Directors Guild. But since The Boxtrolls and The Grand Budapest Hotel were my favorites in 2014, and their chances are not great, I'm not heavily invested.

In comics, Saga continues to be excellent, Love and Rockets: New Stories #7 is out, and Scott McCloud's new tome of a graphic novel, The Sculptor, was just released. The rest is up to you.

P.S. I forgot to mention that there is some fun stuff in the new BtVS comic, too. That's Season 10, #12. I liked it, of course, and I've really been enjoying all the hullaballo. My Tumblr dash sort of went mad. So cute.

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