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Some Buffyverse Time-Travel Fic Recs

I'm working on a time-travel fic, so naturally my mind has turned to thoughts of Rome Spring other time-travel fics. Because what better way to procrastinate? It’s a trope that Buffyverse fic writers have thoroughly explored to good effect. That makes it tough to choose! I'll probably have a whole other list or two, perhaps one just for Our Heroes Go Back in Time: To War! But first off: Classic Buffyverse Time travel! This list contains mostly het, some slash, and Buffy or Spike. Usually both. AO3 links, where possible. In alphabetical order:

Actions Past by dutchbuffy2305 — An accidental wish by S2 Buffy swaps her with her S7 counterpart, with eye-opening results for both, especially when the switch keeps on happening, seemingly at random. Spike/Buffy, Ensemble, R. Contains Slayer!mythology.

The Butterfly Effect by cousinjean — Five months after the events of "Chosen," a still grieving Buffy must follow a time-traveling demon back to 1997 (circa Season 2) Sunnydale to prevent him from destroying the timeline — and try not to destroy it herself in the process. S2!Spike/Buffy, NC17. Registration required at this site.

Domino Effect by anaross — Spike slips away unnoticed after Angel gives Buffy the champion’s amulet and runs directly into a different Buffy with a message from the future. Spike/Buffy, PG13.

Double Spiked by kantayra of Yore — In S6, the Trio conjure up Buffy's most deadly enemy......S2 Spike! What on earth would Buffy find to do with two Spike's? There is some plot, but mostly it’s plentiful, entertaining smut. Spike/Buffy/Spike, NC17.

Forward to Time Past by unbridled_b — The victim of a spell gone awry, Buffy finds herself trapped in Victorian London, where she meets a man surprisingly familiar to her. Part 1: Buffy/William, Part 2: Fanged Four pairings, Part 3: Spike/Buffy, NC17. Also available on TSR and EF (registration required).

Friday by girlpire — Angel's Friday at Wolfram & Hart never segues into Saturday, but it's only Spike who knows about it. Groundhog Day style time-loop with more angst. Spike/Angel, NC17. (Alas, this is friends-locked. I thought we were friends. Sob.)

His Way and Her Way by dreamweaver — Two separate stories exploring what would happen if the PTB sent back one or the other of Our Heroes to Season 2 to “fix things”. Spike/Buffy, Ensemble NC17. Contains claiming. His Way is also available on TSR and EF (registration required). Her Way is also available on TSR and EF (registration required).

Into the Dark Age by sadbhyl — Buffy is pulled back into the Black Magic ‘70s in London, when and where Ripper and Ethan share a flat and more. Will she be able to prevent them from making a fatal mistake? Will she be able to overcome her natural attraction to bad boys? I can’t bring myself to ship Buffy/Giles, but Buffy/Ripper has its appeal. Buffy/Ethan/Ripper, NC 17.

Lost in Time by seductivembrace — Ethan's S2 "Halloween" spell goes awry, and Buffy is sent back in time with Spike(!?!) as her bodyguard, courtesy of the Powers That Be. He's not a very nice vampire, either. At least, not until Buffy works a little magic of her own. Spike/Buffy, OCs, NC17. Contains claiming and vampire social systems.

Prologue to Life/I Know You by slaymesoftly — A few months after the events of "Chosen”, Willow does a “cheering-up” spell, and a still grieving Buffy finds herself dancing in the Bronze in her 16-year-old body. (Heh, despite the description, it’s very different from The Butterfly Effect, I promise.) Spike/Buffy, Ensemble, NC17. Contains accidental claiming. Also available on BSV and TSR.

Honorable Mention: Bittersweets by herself_nyc — Only a couple of stories in this epic series contain time-travel. Still, you should read the whole thing. After the events of "Wrecked", Spike urges Buffy to find out exactly why the chip no longer sees her as human. The discovery leads to a centuries long adventure, complete with occasional time travel, dimension hopping, kids, spells-gone-wrong, and even a trip into outer space. Spike/Buffy, Ensemble, NC17. Prologue story Manhattan Nocturne is tangental to the series, and mostly OCs — you can skip it to get to the Spuffy, if you must. (It’s really good, though.)

I posted this to Tumblr, too, if you're into that.

I've also discovered that a favorite fic, originally posted to still_grrr has vanished. It was called Assumption by tiger_bri_duck (sp?) and it was a Spike/Dru investigation into communication. Does anybody have a copy or a way to contact the author?

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