Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

New noms! Nom, nom, nom.

My story The Other Half has been nominated in Round 31 The Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards in the Best Comedy and Best Quickie Fic categories. Very exciting!


It's a fairly gen S5 story with Spike and all the Summers gals, from the sb_fag_ends prompt last October "Masque of the Red Death". It hasn't had that much response — I like to think because so many good things were being posted thick and fast at the time — so it's nice to know that somebody thought well enough of it to go to the trouble of nominating. Thanks, dear reader!

I am nearly ready to post a new story, though it is unfortunately not my seasonal_spuffy story, which I haven't started yet. Tsk.

Otherwise, life continues to have quite a few high points, including lunch with enigmaticblues when she was in town last week. There is also loads of work bringing in the money, if not the fun.

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Tags: awards/noms
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