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Seven Year Itch

It's my fanniversary today!

Back in 2008, at the urging of herself_nyc — whose birthday it is! — I posted my first fic, Becoming Anne. This "urging" is no reflection on her estimation of my storytelling. (I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm too easy on Spike.) At that point, all she'd ever read from me were comments on her work. But she pointed me at LiveJournal and I'll be forever grateful.

This year in fandom is turning out to be fruitful. Last year, I assisted herself_nyc in putting her stories up on AO3, after the BuggerThis site went dark. That led to doing the same for eliade (Anna S.). This year, still lamenting the demise of JustRewards, I did the same for anaross, which was a very good deed for fandom, in my estimation. *pats self on back* Who's next?

I helped launch the very cool BtVS rewatch going on over at fantas_magoria, which is all the sweeter for being run by other fans, namely gillo and shapinglight. Thanks, guys! Then I joined the mod team on seasonal_spuffy, and I'd call the latest round a rousing success! So much good work from so many talented creators! Check out the list of goodies!

I'm pleased to report that there are still excellent new writers joining the BtVS fandom. Just in the last month or so, I've discovered relative newcomers the_moonmoth, solstice, and sigyn, all of whom are doing really excellent, thoughtful work. The last two are over on ElysianFields, but so far their stories don't require registration/proof of age. Go! Comment! Encourage!

I'm writing, too! I posted my first entry to femslash_minis last month, Time is Tight. It almost immediately got nominated for a bunch of categories at Sunnydale Memorial Fanfic Awards! (Best AU, Best Episode Re-write, Best Gen, Best Female Characterization — for Willow.) Thanks, kind nominator! It turned out to be not a mini, because I am apparently contrary and end up writing the opposite of what I set out to. Ah, well, life is full of the unexpected, right? I had trouble getting started, as I don't usually write Willow, except in her "best friend" capacity. I'm Team Buffy, and am miffed on her behalf at later season Willow. But I also adore Nikki Wood, and realized while writing that I love, love, love Bernard Crowley! He never appeared on screen, but he does get some attention in one or two of the comics. I riffed on that, and came up with somebody who is very real in my head. I'll probably do more with him, sooner than later.

New fic!

For seasonal_spuffy I did a short update to my WIP, Fire in the Soul:

Title: Fire in the Soul (6a/9)
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG13
Word count: 2075
Pairing: Spike/Buffy, with Dru and OCs.
A/N: Thanks for the quickie beta by MiAmor. NOT comics compliant.
Summary: A few years after Sunnydale’s spectacular demise, Buffy and her crew are getting on with their lives in San Francisco. A not entirely unwelcome blast from her past (Spike! It's Spike!) blows into town, but he’s brought more than the generally allowable amount of baggage with him.

6a — In which our heroes get closer to the source of the big, brewin' evil, if not each other.

To start at the beginning: Chapter 1 on LJ / Chapter 1 on DW / On AO3

This chapter was a bit of an obstacle for me. I think it came across okay, and now it will be much easier to get on with the next parts! I knew what I had to do to get to the next bit, but doing it wasn't going to be very action-packed or even filled with relationship issues. Why are we here, except to see the characters do fun stuff? Since I'm sort of fired up, I've decided not to wait for the next round of seasonal_spuffy to continue, which I've done with the other chapters. It's time to put this puppy to bed!

That means I'm down to just the 2 WIPS: 3½ chapters of the afore mentioned Fire in the Soul, and the last chapter of When You Wish Upon a Bar, which I started posting at noel_of_spike last December. After that, I've got other stories that I'd like to do, even without looming deadlines. So, things on the fandom front are looking pretty good. I'm still not done.

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