Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Is This Really Happening To Me?

Today was the day that McDiva became a teenager.


No, no, it's fine. Really.


Yesterday, she was twelve. It was totally different. Or, was it? We went with McDiva's best buddy from down the street to Japantown, for a marvelous immersion in cuteness, noodles, don buri, manga, manga, manga, and even a bit of taiko drumming. Best buddy found the most awesome hat/backpack/scarf/mittens-with-claws combo item in the world, so she was over the moon. Then off to best buddy's house for chocotinis (for the adults) and great nosh. Eye rolling was minimal, with only one suggestion that daddy is a complete idiot for not knowing ____________ (some minor Japanese pop culture detail, I guess).

Today was a perfect day. Grandpa (my dad) was here to fetch the bagels and lox, as requested. Then she came to cuddle a bit and tell me that I am a good writer. (Hmmmm. What does she want from me?) She allowed us to take her to a Disney movie (Bolt, we're behind on the movie-going), and her fellow new teen (son of old friends who got pregnant at the same time, the kids are 5 days apart) and his dad joined us for the outing. 3-D! Who knew? Then Nana (my mom) came in on the train and we stampeded off for sushi, also by request, with one of the gals who assisted at her birth (now a downstairs neighbor) and her partner. Parentals were cordial and pleasant (even to each other). Everybody got totally stuffed. Then we stampeded back to the house for presents (an orgy of wonderfulness I can't even describe) and the incredible Bête Noir flourless chocolate cake, as requested. Then an episode of last season's Pushing Daisies, as requested, before bed. Tomorrow is the first day back at school after the break, but we ended it with a bang. Bonus, I managed to escape death by eye-daggers for one more day.

Wish me luck.
Tags: birthday, rl
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