Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

A Gen Thing

I won an award! Whee!


I am amused that a story (still a WIP, until next month) about slayer sexual response research would win "Best Gen", but it's true that there's very little actual sex in it. Poor Buffy.

So many wonderful friends also won awards, and can I just say, "Keep it up, guys! You're doing great!" Click here to see them all!

I'm pleased that a story that I beta'd won an award in the Angst category: shapinglight's Third Wheel, a fascinating look at what would have happened if Darla was the "lady" Buffy became in Halloween, and what that might mean when she and Angel get together. Another fun one is the other winner in the Gen category, st_salieri's Desert Wonderland, a post-series monster-of-the-week romp. With psychedelic demon goo. Check 'em out!

Tonight, I'm headed to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, drag!

P.S. There are a handful of slots available for next month's 21st Round of seasonal_spuffy! Click here to sign up!

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Tags: awards/noms
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