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Whaddyaknow? Yesterday was my 9th fanniversary! And [personal profile] herself_nyc's birthday, not entirely coincidentally. She encouraged me to jump into this fic thing, way back when, and here I still am.

Things in RL have been super busy, so my online life has been curtailed a bit, although I'm still reading most every day. I did start a new WIP for the most recent round of [community profile] seasonal_spuffy , which means I've now got 3 WIPs over there, about which I should really do something. Anyway, here's where that is:

Title: Buffy and the Bloodmobile
Rating: PG13
Word count: 2115
Setting: During an alternate S5, after the altercation with Glory in “Blood Ties”.
Summary: Property damage has consequences.

The judge glanced at Buffy...

I've been traveling a lot,mostly to help out a dear family friend whose dementia got to a critical point last year. I'm one of his two trustees, from a trust he set up back in 1989, both of whom live in a different state than he. He was such an affable, smart guy that he was able to mask what was going on for a long while. He is fiercely independent, with no family left, so It took some serious work to get him into a safe(r) situation. I have discovered that we want our loved ones to be safe, while we ourselves want to be in charge of our own destinies. Sometimes, both of those things cannot peacefully coexist. I've been spending a week every month in Portland dealing with his stuff, which is making me ever more ready to just move up there. It won't be a hardship for me, as nearly all of my family and many friends are there. It may be trickier for MiAmor, though he seems game. It will be a big change for McDiva, who is less enthusiastic — but I don't think there's any way she can stay in SF, given the current cost of living.

Last weekend, I went WhedonCon 2017, just for meeeeeeee! (Well, sort of. I did do a bit of visiting with MiAmor's family on the way down.) It was a very low key con, but I was entertained.

I really enjoyed hearing the BtVS stunt team's tales. Buffy's stunt double, Sophia Crawford was a delight. She's an Englishwoman who got her martial arts training doing Hong Kong movies. Her big job before Buffy was playing Pink Ranger in the Power Rangers. Awwww. Her husband, Jeff Pruitt, was the stunt coordinator for BtVS S2-S4, and they had lots of good behind-the-scenes footage that sparked all kinds of stories. A couple of other stunt guys were there, including Spike's stunt double, Steve Tartalia. One thing that interested me was hearing that Pruitt got the stunts for the The Initiative wrong. Originally, Spike was going to be able to fight with the chip, but not bite. Joss changed his mind, but because he was busy with Angel, word didn't come down about the change until most of the fight scenes had already been shot. They tried to dial it back in editing, but now we know why Spike was able to fight his way out of the labs. My perfectly good fanwank: not necessary.

They had a couple of fun tidbits about Pangs as well. One was that they tied James Marsters to the chair early in the day, and pretty much left him there — during all the fight rehearsals, shooting, and breaks. He never said anything, so they kind of forgot about him. They had film of the whole thing, including a bit that showed him straightening a droopy arrow. The other bit that kind of blew my mind was that they used a real bear in the episode. It was trained to think that a wire stretched between itself and the actors was electrified. It wasn't. Seeing little Sophia facing off with an actual bear is a little more heart-in-throat than the actual show. Yikes.

There was a panel with Nicholas Brendon and Mark Lutz (the actor who played The Groosalug on Angel), and another with Robia LaMorte (Jenny Calendar), Dagney Kerr (Kathy, Buffy's first college roommate), and Miracle Laurie (November from Dollhouse). All are charming and beautiful, of course, but I don't have much to report. There were other actors there who I never quite caught up with, most tragically James Leary (Clem).

I generally go to these things for the writers, half of whom I also missed for one reason or another. I did make it to the Christos Gage & Georges Jeanty panel. As you may know, I'm thrilled with Season 11 of the BtVS comics, so it was nice to be able to tell them so. I talked with them quite a bit. Perhaps too much from Gage's perspective, but I really do like what he's doing with the book. Jeanty was delightful, and mentioned that one of the sequences he's most proud of is the poolside discussion between Spike and Buffy in S9, which I heartily agree he should be. He says he messed it up, though, by including Spike's reflection in the pool water. Huh.

One of the after hours events was an Across the Whedonverse burlesque show put on by Lusty Kitten, featuring a bunch of beloved characters shimmying down to their pasties. It was MC'd by Anya in her OMWF PJs. There was Captain America (rhinestone shield pasties), Kaylie (strawberry pasties and very frilly pink underthings), Atlantean Princess Kida (luminescent blue pasties), First Slayer (a fellow with very tall heels, no pasties, and very impressive dance moves), Wonder Woman, Thor, and Faith. My favorite was Dr. Horrible, who had a lovely singing voice and a glittery t-shirt proclaiming "I do the weird stuff". The performers appreciated that the crowd got ALL the jokes, which I guess isn't always the case. Silly fun. Some of the performers also attended a Transformative Works/Fanfic panel that I went to and they are definitely transforming the source material.

I skipped the last day to spend a lazy Sunday in Malibu with my best gal pal. It was a wonderful weekend, almost like a real vacation!

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