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Drabbles, Noms, & Recs

Again! Woo hoo! This time it's for Tipperary, a short story about Spike/Dru in WWI. I've also been nominated for The Scourge Does Titipu, a Fanged Four evening at the theatre fic, and Don't Say Anything, a short piece about Sheila and Anya at the Fish Tank. It's a real honor to be nominated, and when I look at the company I'm keeping, superb writers all (many of whom are on my f-list), it's a bit heady. Sincere thanks (bless you!) to my nominator(s?), and good luck to my super-talented friends.

It's wonderful to be nominated in the Tenth Round of the
Fang Fetish Awards. The extra added bonus for these awards is that the winning work is posted on the excellent JustRewards archive, which contains uniformly high quality Buffyverse fic about all the characters, not just favored pairings. Check it out!

As turnabout, I'd like to recommend a couple of things I saw this week that I loved. The theme: Japan!

Before the Rising of the Sun by owenthurman is an exciting S8 tale set in Tokyo just after the Slayer Brigade decamps. You'll get more of the subtleties if you've read the S8 Buffy comics, but it's not necessary to enjoy the story. (Spike/Villain)

Chibi Faith vs. Chibi Buffy by enn_enn is a wallpaper so cute you might actually die. Season 3, manga style! Do you think I might be overly influenced by living with a 13-year-old girl?

Also, I've been doing 100-word drabbles for open_on_sunday, and here's what I've posted over there in January:

Early Lessons - Spike  /   You know darn well - Spike/Dru  /   Pillow Fight - Xander (my first Xander!)


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