Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Six Word Memoirs

Here's a New Yorker article on the book, Not Quite What I Was Planning. I might be behind the curve on this, but I just found out about these things, and I'm all excited! Write a memoir in exactly six words. What could be more LJ?

Here's my first one:

Girl drummer eventually became PTA president.

See! It's easy. And: fun!

I think we should expand out into biography and do all the Buffyverse characters! Who's with me?

Here's a quick Faith: Evil didn't work. Slaying doesn't suck.

Giles: Misspent youth was a good foundation.

Lorne: Followed my heart, sang it out.

I admit, Spike's got me stumped. Too many years to sum up? Hey! That was six words! Yahtzee!
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